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Filmmaking's courses

When I'm not on set I have the luck and the pleasure to dedicate myself to training. I don't like to call "teaching" something that I feel more like a "experiences' transfer" to those who have the passion and the desire to begin to look out for this work.
I have professional experiences in various fields related to video and film production, so I often find myself teaching using my different skills.
Working on sets quite frequently, I can dedicate only a portion of my time to this training activity by concentrating the lessons in high quality facilities such as the Centro di Formazione Cinematografico Nazionale at the Fonderia delle Arti in Rome, where I teach film editing, or the new collaboration with Color Correction Lab by Daniele Paglia where we will explore various topics but with great attention to Color Correction and DaVinci Resolve for which I am a certified trainer Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 14 ( T3). For filmmaking we use different structures according to the needs, workshops or four-month courses, and "topic focused" courses on the various professional cinema's figures , without forgetting private tuitions that are certainly more demanding but very productive.